Summer Varsity Program

Risling Podium Performance introduces the Summer Varsity Prep Program. A 14 week, all inclusive training program to prepare you for your varsity athletic season like never before. Bringing the concept used by top training centres in Toronto & USA, to Ottawa for the first time. This will raise the bar for athletic training.

So Here is What's Included:

  1. Competitive training group environment
  2. Individualized training program, 5 training sessions per week
    • 3 Weight Room (Monday, Tuesday, Friday. Subject to change)
    • 2 Speed and Conditioning (Thursday, Saturday. Subject to change)
  3. On location individualized full training nutrition (pre-workout, during training & after training) from: Thorne Research, Designs for Health, XPN World and ATP-Labs
  4. Metabolic Analytics body fat testing from World Renowned coach Charles Poliquin.

This program is not a cookie cutter program. Each athlete is trained to their own individual needs, goals and demands of their sport. Using the same training principles, methods & philosophies I've personally used to train Olympians, national & international champions. Combining Metabolic Analytics into the process allows for further individualizing training & nutrition. On top of this, you will learn how to run better & faster.

While others are charging $1000+ for a one size fits all generic program, I'm offering this complete training program for only $600. Sign up NOW! Save yourself over $400, train to be your best & truly, EMBRACE YOUR POTENTIAL!

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