Personal Training

Every single one of us have health & fitness or performance goals. Some have been working at these for years but have hit a plateau. While others just have no idea where to begin. Having a personal trainer will allow for your time to be more efficient and effective in the gym dedicated to your goals. Also providing expert coaching to ensure safety, accountability and achieving the result.

At Risling Podium Performance it is my mission to have you reach and surpass your dreams. I do this by holding every client accountable to their short and long term goals. I start out by assessing every client. First with a health questionnaire discussing lifestyle, health, exercise and diet history. A Metabolic Analytics (formerly BioPrint modulation) assessment is taken as a baseline to assist training and nutrition. Finally a structural movement screening to assess restrictions, limitations and discrepancies in how the individual moves. This shows what current ranges of motion your joints have and what needs to be addressed to optimize how you move. This will only enhance the results you get long term. From here a training framework is then created.

I use sound fundamentals, proven to work, no fads or attention seeking exercises to get social media likes. I believe that proper strength training with energy system work gets the best results and is the most measurable.  This involves variables of: exercise selection, the number of reps, tempo, intensity and rest intervals. This allows training to illicit the desired outcome from training.

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1 on 1 Personal training:

All personal training packages are tailored to the individual in 3 month blocks. All packages include the cutting edge Metabolic Analytics with measures taken in regular intervals. This provides an added metric to track results and assess priorities to address. This helps enhance results by addressing an underlying issue to take care of. Regardless if you are looking for fat loss, to build muscle, or other health and fitness goals, I'm here for you.

Semi Private and small group Training:

Just as mentioned for 1 on 1 sessions, all packages are in 3 month blocks and include Metabolic Analytics. This is an excellent option for partners, co-workers and small groups. Having a training partner(s) can help in many more ways. From keeping you accountable and on track to added motivation to push one another to succeed. Also this allows for making training financially easier while still gaining many of the benefits of 1 on 1 sessions.

Large Group Training:

Inquire for details and to have a package tailored to your group's needs and goals. Excellent choice for workplace wellness programs to improve the health and fitness of your staff.


While many trainers claim to be "sport specific" trainers the truth of the matter is they aren't. What sets me apart is a track record of constant, consistent results at the highest levels. I have produced many national and international medalists and champions including an Olympic medalist. Whether you are an individual, training partners or team, I will have you improve your physical prowess to EMBRACE YOUR POTENTIAL!

This includes structural balance training to reduce imbalances. Metabolic Analytics to assist in tracking to have your body operate at its best! Olympic and power lifting and plyometric work for improved force development and power production. Learning proper sprint mechanics and acceleration. Why learn proper sprint form you ask? The simple answer is proper sprinting will make you faster, stronger and more explosive in any sport. An added bonus is that it will also cut the risk of injury. I have extensive experience with sprinting having been a sprinter myself. Also having worked with some of Canada's and the world's fastest people.


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