Monthly Programming

Have you ever felt lost and unsure where to start in the gym? Monthly programming takes care of this problem! Programs are tailored to the individual or group to suit their needs, goals and desires in the gym. Having a program takes the guess work out of your gym time. This allows you to be much more efficient with you time and get results faster. Time is something that we all value, so why waste time in the gym?

Take the guess work and winging it out of your workouts and follow a program that is tailored to your personal goals. Each person is different and needs some differences in their workouts to maximize results. Depending on your own goals and what you are looking for, an individualed program is created. This involves getting to know where you are at, and where you want to go.

Are you looking for a comprehensive plan including training programs, dietary guidelines, and supplementation? Are you looking to get started in the gym? Are you looking for whole new approach to training to destroy your current plateau? Are you recovering from injury? Or are you an athlete looking for training that makes sense, and will take your performance to the next level?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If yes, personalized programming is for you! At Least a 3 month commitment is required as well as an absolute minimum of 3 training days per week. Why these requirements? The reason is I'm here to get you to your goals and this commitment gets results!

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