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"What's sexy is getting results, I don't do things that necessarily look sexy on social media to get likes! But what I do, gets results! Having a client be able to move better and lose fat that's hampering their life. Seeing the joy in their eyes as they are doing activities with loved ones without issue. The energy and vitality increases from an improved quality of life. Reductions in medications needed to survive and living a healthier life. Having somebody look incredible for a photoshoot or confident in their own skin at the beach.

Seeing an athlete make the Olympics, sign a pro contract, return from injury ahead of schedule or win a championship! That's what gets me up in the morning! Getting these types of results is what's truly sexy" - Coach Tony Risling

Tony Risling comes from a high-performance sports background having run track for the University of Ottawa for 4 years. This included being a CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) finalist in the 60m dash. During which he was coached by Olympic Champion, Glenroy Gilbert. After leaving the sport he went on to complete an internship as part of his Bachelor of Science specializing in Human Kinetics. This consisted of 2 semesters of work. The fall semester was with the Carleton University men's hockey team. The winter semester with women's rugby team, both as intern strength coach.

At the same time in 2012 he began to work with Glenroy Gilbert and the Athletics Canada national training centre in Ottawa, strength coaching the elite sprint training group. Upon graduation from university he went to work for a big chain fitness club. However based upon his own moral compass, he decided that the "car salesman" approach to personal training was not for him. So he branched out on his own starting Risling Podium Performance.

Coach Tony's philosophy is a holistic approach to training and nutrition to produce optimal results. This is why he has become a BioPrint Modulation (now Metabolic Analytics) practitioner. To better understand physiology as it relates to nutrition and supplementation to enhance results. He's traveled to learn from world renowned coaches like Charles Poliquin, Luke Leaman, Andre Benoit, Dan Pfaff and Dr. John Berrardi to improve his knowledge to get his clients results. As a result his training philosophy are influenced by them and several others. This gives him the tools to provide cutting edge methods to get what matters most, results!

Education highlights:

Hon. Bachelor of Science with specialization in Human Kinetics - University of Ottawa

Poliquin Strength Institute PICP

Poliquin Group: Fundamentals of Program Design Strength Sensei, Charles Poliquin,

Metabolic Analytics (Bioprint modulation) level 1 Strength Sensei, Charles Poliquin,

Metabolic Analytics level 2 - Stress & Gut Health with Dr. Sachin Patel

SWIS Symposium 2015

Muscle Nerds Fat Loss Workshop

Ben Pakulski - Intelligent hypertrophy training seminar

Selection of Athletes and Teams I have worked with:

Canadian track and field relay teams - 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist men's 4x100m, 2013 & 2015 men's World Championship 4x100m relay bronze medalists, 2012 Olympic team

Oluwasegun Makinde - Track and Field. 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist men's 4x100m relay, 2012 Olympian, 2013 Jeux de la Francophonie 200m & 4x100m champion, 2013 4x100m World Championships Bronze Medalist, CIS record holder and multiple time champion

Gavin Smellie - 2012 Olympian, 2013 & 2015 4x100m World Championship bronze medalist

Sekou Kaba - 2016 Olympian, 2013 Jeux de la Francophonie 110mh champion

Pilar Khoury - 2014 & 2015 OUA east MVP & first team all-Canadian. All time and single season goal scoring record holder for the University of Ottawa women's soccer team

University of Ottawa women's soccer (2012-2014) - 2012 & 2014 OUA champions, 2014 CIS bronze medalists. Ranked number 1 nationally for all but 7 total weeks in season 2012-2014!

University of Ottawa track and field team - multiple OUA & CIS champions and medalists. CIS Men's 60mh record and 4x200m record

Krystel Belisle - Model, dancer and Boxing ring girl with Eye of the Tiger management.

Acadia university Axemen men's football - offseason speed training

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