The SAID Principle

     Training is very much like Academics! This is a bold statement so now bear with me to explain why. It all has to do with the SAID principle or Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. In training, this is often not understood by trainers or trainees and as a result, it is disregarded by the trainer/coach. This 1 thing is of EXTREME DETRIMENT to the client/athlete. The key word in it is SPECIFIC! Meaning your body will adapt to how it is trains.

     This means not every team should train with the same program or train the same! Hell not even every athlete on a team should train the same. Soccer should train different than football as they have different demands. I'll use a football team as an exampledue to the large number of athletes and positional demand. The linemen should train not train the same as receivers who should train differently than kickers and quarterbacks. Yet I see university programs where entire athletic departments are using the exact same cookie cutter program for every athlete on every team.

     This is absolute madness to me as it doesn't lead to specific the results the athletes or teams are after! Having the kicker train to have a massive bench press at the cost of a powerful kick would be counterintuitive. The kicker's job is not to block, its job is to be able to do just that, KICK! The same goes for sacrificing strength, power and Hypertrophy on the linemen to make them as limber as a gymnast with extreme mobility. Doing so will cause them to be bullied by their opponent and put your team at risk of injuries and losing. Remember, When all else is equal between 2 athletes, the stronger, more powerful athlete always wins.

      This directly affects the general population just as much. A middle aged overweight office worker should not train the same as a senior citizen who also should train differently than the physique competitor. Having a fat loss client train like a powerlifter or doing Olympic lifts wouldn't make sense, but doing lactic work would. While there is nothing wrong with getting a person stronger and I encourage everybody to get stronger. The problem is wasting time on things not pertinent to their goals. Will a person lose weight and fat doing Olympic style weightlifting or powerlifting? Sure in the beginning they will get some results doing damn near anything. However this will be a much slower and inefficient process. Fat loss goals are achieved by doing much greater work volumes. The purpose is to generate massive amounts of lactic acid, much more akin to bodybuilding style training. Training this way taxes the energy systems of the body more than the nervous system.

1 size fits all does not work in fitness, the only cookie cutter in fitness is that everybody needs to work!

     Now how is this like academia you've been wondering the entire time? Well think about the different subjects in school. When you prepare for an exam you study the material specific to that exam, not a different course. If preparing for a physics or calculus exam you aren't going to study Shakespeare and Geography. You won't see a lawyer study for the MCAT to pass their Bar exam. Why? Because studying the other material will not prepare for their exam! So now ask yourself, why should training be any different?

     Train smart, train with a purpose and be specific to that purpose! If you're an athlete that hasn't been seeing results in a generic program everybody else is doing, or somebody looking to make their health and fitness priority, please feel free to contact me to achieve YOUR goals!


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