Should Athletes Wear Lifting Belts?

    In my opinion the answer is that they should not, unless they have a history of back injury. The simplest reason for this is that they do not compete in their sport with a lifting belt (except for Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman and Crossfit). As well the belt is often used as a […]

3 Tips for BIGGER Biceps

In every gym when you walk in, no doubt you will see men standing in front of the mirrors pumping out set after set of bicep curls. Their primary focus being on the Biceps brachii (the visible bicep muscle). While this is an obvious and relatively effective way to train the elbow flexor. But this […]

Time under Tension Part 1: What is it?

In part 1 of this series I will explain what Time under Tension and Tempo are:One question that always pops up when I’m explaining a program to a client or athlete is what is tempo and what is Time Under Tension or TUT for shortTo put it simply, it is how long a muscle is […]